Joy on the Mountain Peak

Call of the Rockies ~ Book 10

Will this epic journey be their second chance, or the final blow to end all hope?  

Heidi Wallace came west with a secret. When she accompanied her cartologist cousin to map the terrain along the Marias River in the Montana Territory, she didn’t tell him she also planned to search for the man who broke her heart before escaping to this western wilderness to become a missionary to the natives. When her cousin dies from snakebite, she and her maid must bury the body in this wild country. The last person she expects to come to their aid is the man she’s no longer sure she wants to find. But now that Ben Lane is standing before her…her heart demands answers.

The greatest regret in Ben’s life is the series of choices that forced him to leave Heidi behind. He’d planned to marry her. Planned to spend his life making her happy. But the last time he saw her, tears cascaded down her pretty cheeks as he walked away forever. He never thought he’d find her burying a man beneath a pile of rocks in the fierce Rocky Mountain plains. A man she claims is her husband.

When Heidi insists she must finish mapping the Marias, Ben knows she’ll need more than a maid to keep herself alive. He gathers a group for protection, and they set out northward, along the winding river and into the dangers of the northern country. As Ben and Heidi uncover each other’s secrets, the threat of the mountain wilderness may not be half as dangerous as the love that once flamed between them.

From a USA Today bestselling author comes another epic journey through breathless landscapes and adventure so intense, lives will never be the same.

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