I was born and raised within 10 miles of the small South Carolina town where I still live. 

Here’s the family farm where I grew up and a few of the horses we raised. So peaceful! 

But if I’ve always lived in South Carolina, how did I fall in love with the Rocky Mountains, you ask? Good question, that leads me to…


Growing up, we drove across the country about every other year to visit family in California. 

Often, we would drive a different route than we’d taken in recent trips. I fell in love with so many parts of the country, but the Rocky Mountains—and Montana, in particular—stole my heart forever! 



I was a music major my first year in college. Specifically, piano.

I soon realized the thought of earning my living through music took away the fun in playing, so I switched to Business Administration. Now, I play piano in our church worship band, and I’m loving the fact that my kids enjoy music too!


I never, ever, EVER thought I would be a full-time writer. 

When my two oldest girls were little, I was working full-time but feeling a bit stuck in a rut. I decided to make a bucket list—a list of things I wanted to do at some point in my life. “Write a novel that’s published” was near the top, and happened to be one of the things that didn’t cost money to start!

I decided to dive in, and though the process was so much harder than I ever imagined, I realized how much I love writing fiction. Looking back, I can see the journey God led me on to reach this point and I’m amazed at His creativity!

In fact, here’s a peek at a book project I worked on in school that my mom recently stumbled across. Even in 5th grade God was preparing me! 



Like many people, I’ve had a variety of jobs, but one of my favorites was training horses (and horse riders) professionally. I worked with many different breeds, but specialized in Arabians. One of the most unusual I trained was a big black Shire named Ben. He was so much fun to ride, and we even competed in a few shows!