This Courageous Journey

The Mountain Series ~ Book 9

She has her future all planned out, and it most definitely does not include a handsome mountain man.

Noelle Grant’s trek west across the rugged mountain wilderness to visit her brother is just the thing to make her mark on this world. She can’t wait for the Eastern newspapers back home to get ahold of the tales she’ll write about her exciting journey. It’ll catapult her to fame as a news correspondent and prove that a woman need not live an inconsequential life.

Daniel Abrams hunts alone, traps alone, lives alone. No one to scorn his heritage or let him down. Guiding a group of Easterners across the mountains is the last thing he wants to do, but the extra money will come in handy this winter, and there’s no one else available. He can’t leave them stranded. Yet they’re as green as all the other folks who’ve tried and failed to endure the rigors of the Canadian wilderness. The lovely Noelle Grant is no exception. When the trail gets steep and the snow flies, she’ll likely be the first one to turn tail.

But the wild mountains hold dangers far greater than anyone could’ve imagined. When Noelle and Daniel are forced into a reliance on each other that goes deeper than two travelers should endure, what blooms between them just may be the very thing they both need most.

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"Like all Misty Beller books, you fall into the book from the very start and won't want to put it down till you finish!"
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"Noelle and Daniel's journey is definitely not one to be missed."
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"I loved everything about this story."
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