This Homeward Journey

The Mountain Series ~ Book 10

She needs protection through the Canadian mountains, but the man who’s guiding her is anything but safe.

After her husband’s death, Rachel Gray is finally free from his addictions, abuse, and the gambling that cost her everything. If only she can get to her brother in the Canadian territories, he’ll help her and her twelve-year-old son start fresh. But she has no idea how to navigate the rugged mountain passes. She can’t expose her son to the destructive habits of the trappers and guides. Far better to go it alone…

Seth Grant has made some bad choices in his life, but God healed him from the destructive habits that mired him. Now, he’s determined to live the new life given him, and that means heading north with his brother and their guide to the treacherous wilderness of the Canadian mountains. It’s a difficult trek, and when his group comes across Rachel Grant and her son traveling alone, he’s determined to help them. How can he not? Her son is teetering on the edge of manhood with no one to guide him. And Rachel looks like she’s seen far too much pain in her life.

A narrow escape from a grizzly proves one awful thing to Rachel: she can’t protect her son by herself. It’s time they joined the little group they’d been secretly following. But the longer they travel together, the more Rachel finds herself relying on the strength and goodness she sees in Seth. Until a secret from his past proves he can’t be trusted at all…

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"Another captivating read by Misty Beller!"
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"Such a beautiful book! The characters were so likable. I’m hoping for the next book soon, I can’t wait!."
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"I love anything this author writes. I just can not put her books down."
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