Healing the Mountain Man’s Heart

Brothers of Sapphire Ranch – Book 1

In the wild mountains of the Montana Territory, the Coulter ranch is a place of family, loyalty…and a hidden fortune.

Jericho Coulter, the eldest of six fiercely devoted brothers, is entrusted with safeguarding his family and the secret that binds them together: the Sapphire mine. To keep tragedy from striking again, he allows no outsiders on their land. When two women stumble upon their ranch, claiming Jericho himself sent for one of them as a mail-order bride, he aims to send them straight back where they came from.

Dinah Wyatt, a talented and determined doctor, wasn’t about to let her twin sister travel to Montana alone and marry a stranger. Dinah’s skills are immediately put to the test when one of the younger Coulter brothers is gravely injured, forcing the family to trust his life to her.

As Dinah and her sister become entwined in the Coulter family’s life, sparks fly between the enigmatic Jericho and the captivating doctor. In a world where trust is hard to come by and secrets hold the power to change lives, Jericho and Dinah must learn that sometimes, the most precious secrets are those buried within our own hearts.

From a USA Today bestselling author comes a mountain family saga filled with a mail-order bride, hidden treasure, and love that heals wounded hearts.

Available in ebook, paperback, hardback, audiobook, and large print!

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Readers are saying...

"I opened this book and immediately was transported back to 1868 in Montana. It was easy to visualize the vivid blue sky as the sun gave hints of warmth. I was ready to hop aboard with the characters and experience their journey."
- Amazon Reviewer
"This is a wonderful story and I enjoyed every moment. This is the beginning of a new series and there will be more to come that will continue the story and expand on the other brothers of this family. There is danger, love, healing, and surprises along the way and I can't wait for the next book."
- Amazon Reviewer
"One of my favorite authors has started this new Brothers of Sapphire Ranch series and I’m thrilled, as she always captures my heart with her characters and the importance of God’s faithfulness and truth in their lives. The characters are real and flawed and grow as the story progresses. The vivid words bring life to Montana Territory as you step back in time to 1868."
- Amazon Reviewer