The Ranger Takes a Bride

Texas Rancher Trilogy ~ Book 2

A quiet Texas Ranch may be just the safe haven she craves…

Edward Stewart has spent years proving his abilities as a man, away from the overbearing protection of his family. As a Texas Ranger, he has the chance to help tame the Wild West and save the innocent. Innocents like the enchanting Mexican woman he rescued, who now lives and works on his sister’s ranch. But the moment she sees his badge, she won’t have anything to do with him. 

After war robbed Alejandra Diaz of her father, her fiancé, and her home—she’s left with a fear of men in any kind of uniform. She escapes across the border with her almost-mother-in-law and finds work on a quiet Texas ranch. The place seems like the safe haven she’d been looking for. Until she meets the rancher’s tall, handsome brother who wears the soldier’s badge of a Texas Ranger.

Can Edward prove to Alejandra that he’s different from the cruel soldiers she’s known before? Will Alejandra hold onto the fear ingrained from her past, or can she open her heart to the kindness of this good lawman? When danger escalates in the form of a band of desperados with deadly intent, Alejandra must fight her hardest battle yet.

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Readers are saying...

"A sweet story, packed with action, romance, and characters you'll quickly love."
- Amazon Reviewer
"Filled with page-turning action, The Ranger Takes a Bride brings its plot full circle with an ending that will satisfy the most avid reader."
- Cynthia Roemer
Historical Romance Author
“A beautiful story of trust and love.”
- Jackie Layton
Inspirational Author