Marrying the Mountain Man’s Best Friend

Brothers of Sapphire Ranch – Book 2

In the wild mountains of the Montana Territory, the Coulter ranch is a place of family, loyalty…and a hidden fortune.

Two Stones has lived most of his life as an outsider, shifting between two different worlds—the orderly village of his Salish family and wild mining towns. Though he’s not fully accepted anywhere, he’s made a name for himself trading between the tribes and the miners, even making a trusted friend or two along the way.

When he arrives in Virginia City a week before Christmas, the last thing he expects is to be summoned to the bedside of one such friend, whose dying request is that Two Stones marry his daughter. Two Stones knows she’ll never accept him as a true husband, but she needs his protection. At least she’ll be safe in the Salish village with his parents while he continues doing the one thing he’s good at, locating specialty trade items. Staying always on the trail—alone.

After escaping the controlling clutches of her deceased husband’s family, all Heidi wants is to rebuild her life her way. Yet when she reaches the Montana Territory to reunite with her father, she doesn’t know what’s worse—arriving mere days before his death or hearing his dying wish that she marry a Salish brave he trusts. Two Stones may be a good man…but to marry him? Yet when she barely escapes an assault, it’s clear her father was right. She’s not safe alone in Virginia City. She’ll have to make the best of things as the wife of a native.

The journey to Two Stones’s village proves far more perilous than he anticipates, yet Heidi’s resilience reveals a depth of character he didn’t expect. As they near the end of their trail, Two Stones begins to realize this inconvenient marriage might really be a Christmas gift he’ll always treasure.

From a USA Today bestselling author comes a mountain novella filled with a marriage of convenience, a desperate escape from danger, and the Christmas miracle of love that heals wounded hearts.

Available in ebook, paperback, hardback, audiobook, and large print!

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Readers are saying...

"The only thing wrong with Misty Beller's books is that they are too short for my liking! Her stories are inspirational and wonderful. I could keep reading and reading and reading. The characters are passionate, and I can't wait for the next book in a series. I am loving these books!"
- Amazon Reviewer
"What an absolutely wonderful novella! It has heart, tenderness, power and love."
- Amazon Reviewer
"I’m always a sucker for a wounded FMC to be shown what it is to truly be treasured and cared for by a strong yet tender MMC. This is one of those books and Two Stones works through his insecurities to be there for Heidi who doesn’t trust anyone after her dead husband used her horribly. In doing so he realizes God had saved him for this woman and he shows Heidi how much God does care about us and that all things work together for good to them that love Him. Can’t wait for the next book!!"
- Amazon Reviewer
"Another awesome book from an amazing author. Could not put it down! What an adventure. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!"
- Amazon Reviewer