Honor in the Mountain Refuge                     

Call of the Rockies ~ Book 6

This epic journey is his only chance to redeem his mistakes.

Chogan should’ve seen it coming when his tribe cast him out. He may look like a Blackfoot brave, but he refuses to act like one ever again—especially when it means kidnapping or killing innocent people. His protective actions toward Nez Perce captives proved that. Yet the pain of having nowhere to belong strikes deeper than he imagined. Worse, there’s one particular Nez Perce woman’s face he can’t get out of his mind…or heart. How can he make amends for the sins of his past?

If Telípe thought all would be well after her rescue from kidnappers, she couldn’t have been more wrong. With her husband now dead and the birth of their first baby imminent, she’s forced to seek shelter in the chaotic, overcrowded lodge of her youth. The solitude she finds only in the wilderness outside the village becomes a haven…until she comes face to face with the Blackfoot brave who once helped kidnap her. Yet even in her terror, she senses a spark of something unexpected—hope.

But Chogan isn’t the only threat to her village. With a massive wildcat stalking her people, Telipe must decide whether to trust Chogan’s help. He proved his compassion and bravery when he’d kept her safe during her kidnapping, and her regard grows as she sees his determination to help her tribe—the very people who want him dead. As the wildcat closes in, one thing is clear: someone is going to be hurt—or killed—and it may cost Telipe and Chogan everything.

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Readers are saying...

“Beller creates these stories so well and populates them with nearly real characters and deftly weaves the precious message of Christ into each one. I was captivated throughout.”
- Amazon Reviewer
“I adored Telípe and Chogan’s story. I loved the historical details that made me feel like I was part of the tale. Such a beautiful and inspiring book to read.”
- Amazon Reviewer
“Another winner by Misty Beller! This was an amazing and heartwarming story. ”
- Amazon Reviewer